Little Goodbye - Rocky Chack [Zegapain ED]

posted on 15 May 2010 21:32 by starry-sky in Anime, EN-trans, japanese-song

[This entry contains an English translation, please scroll down]  


Someone requested that I translate this song, so here you are~


translation: moonlitsakura



Me ga samete Yume no itami ga
Yoru ni tokete yuku

Kaze no machi no Tsumetai sora ga
Subete wo kaete yuku

Toki ga modottara Toki ga modottara Toki ga modottara

Aritoarayuru mono
Meguri-yuku toki ni Meguri-kuru anata ni
Kioku no fuchi de
Toki wa kurikaesu
IMAGE wo mita IMAGE wo mitakute

Giniro no Tsuki no hana
Shizuka ni saiteiru

Tsukami-kakete Me wo tojireba
Anata ga mietekuru

Michi ni mayottara Sagashi ni oide yo Yume de deattara

(Repeat *) x 2

Mou nemuranai
Hoshi no furu yoru wa
Time goes by 



As I open my eyes, the pain of the dream
Dissolves into the night

The cold sky over the town of the wind
Changes everything

If I can turn back time, if I can turn back time, if I can turn back time

*We kiss, then say goodbye
To everything
To the time that keeps changing, to you that keeps changing
In the edges of my memory
Time repeats itself
I saw an image, I want to see an image

The silver flower of the moon
Is blooming silently

I can almost catch you, when I close my eyes
I can see you

If you get lost on the road, I'll go look for you, if we meet in a dream

(Repeat *) x 2

We kiss, then say goodnight
I can't sleep anymore
In this night where stars fall
Time goes by 



 目が覚めて 夢の痛みが

風の街の つめたい空が

時が戻ったら 時が戻ったら 時が戻ったら

* キスしてグッバイ
めぐりゆく時に めぐりくるあなたに
イメージをみた イメージをみたくて

銀色の 月の花が

掴みかけて 目を閉じれば

道に迷ったら 探しにおいでよ 夢でであったら 

(Repeat *) x 2 

Time goes by

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道に迷ったら 探しにおいでよ 夢でであったら

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